Campus campaign profile: Yves Le Bouthillier

Portrait of Yves Le Bouthillier

The benefit of giving at work

Yves Le Bouthillier, associate professor at the Faculty of Law and 2012 Campus Campaign faculty co-chair, believes donating to the University provides an opportunity for employees to give to a worthy cause and see the impact a gift can have.

Le Bouthillier can donate to a specific program within his faculty, such as a fellowship program. Fellowships give students a chance to work with professors as well as acquire research experience and skills during the summer months. These opportunities not only provide students with an income but also contribute to enriching their university experience.

“Being able to see where your money goes, and the impact it has, makes donating to the University easy to do,” says Le Bouthillier. “I’ve spent my career in the Faculty of Law and I see deserving students that would benefit from some financial help.”

Le Bouthillier is also involved with groups within the University that benefit from donation dollars. As a director of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, an international network of law faculties with its secretariat at the University of Ottawa, he knows that donations make a difference. “These institutions run so much more smoothly than they otherwise could because of donations.”

“There are a lot of places you can choose to donate your money, but you get a real sense of where your dollars are going when you give to your place of work.”

To find out more about giving to the University and some of the faculty projects your gift can help, visit the Campus Campaign website.




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