Catherine Elena Buchanan

Catherine withe her trainer Simone.

Name: Catherine Elena Buchanan
Title: Language teacher (FLS)
Faculty: Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute, Faculty of Arts

When and why did you start doing sports?

I started doing sports in January 2012. I decided to grab the bull by the horns because I was starting to have back pain and be out of breath when I ran to catch the bus. Also, I wanted to lose weight.

How do you feel after doing sports?

The first few times, I hurt everywhere. I couldn’t go down the stairs without moaning. Then, I started to feel relaxed, less stressed.

What does the university do to encourage employees to be active?

Sports Services offers different promotions. I decided to take advantage of them. As well, there are trainers available to help us meet our goals. My trainers, Adrien Stotesbury and Simone Julien, are patient—real gems.

How do you manage to fit physical activity into your schedule?

I have two training sessions a week and that time is blocked out. I took this on for my physical and psychological well-being. As well, Simone has fit me into her schedule and is expecting me. That encourages me to make a commitment, because I care about respecting her.

You started being physically active in January 2012. A year later, how do you feel?

I feel much stronger and less stressed. I sleep much better and my back hurts less. But above all, I can run. The other day I ran to catch my bus without thinking about it. It was a great feeling.

Have you made any health-related resolutions for January 2013?

My challenge last year was to attend my weight training sessions. In January 2013, I won’t just continue with my sessions—I also want to pay attention to what I eat.

What advice would you give to your colleagues who need a little help to start doing sports?

I would tell them to set realistic, achievable goals. If our goals are too ambitious, we can get discouraged.

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  1. Parvin Movassat

    Bravo Catherine!
    J’ai suivi ton cheminement, en partie, la session dernière et je suis très fière de toi! Je suis sûre que ton exemple incitera d’autres collègues à franchir le pas! Bravo pour tes belles résolutions pour 2013 et bonne continuation:-)


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