Winter Festival marks fifth year of donations for students and babies

Portrait of Anne-Marie Brissette and her team of volunteers.

Anne-Marie Brissette and her team of volunteers.

Protection Services and project organiser Anne-Marie Brissette wish to thank all those who made the event such a great success. The uOttawa community has once again surpassed itself! Your generosity has resulted in many happy and grateful people.

The food bank volunteers thank you.

See you next year!


Every item counts and you can make a difference in the lives of the 500 students and 60 babies in need on campus. For the fifth consecutive year, Protection Services, in partnership with the SFUO Food Bank, is collecting non-perishable food items and toiletries to help the most vulnerable members of our University community.

Volunteers will be collecting donations during the uOttawa Winter Festival, which will take place from January 21 to 24, 2013. They will be welcoming drop-offs at the following campus locations:

  • January 21 at the University Centre Agora
  • January 22 outside Tabaret Hall
  • January 23 inside the Faculty of Social Sciences building
  • January 24 in front of Protection Services (141 Louis-Pasteur)

“This organization is very close to my heart,” says Anne-Marie Brissette, project organizer with Protection Services. “I would like to thank in advance all those who intend to participate in this lovely event.”

4 Responses to “Winter Festival marks fifth year of donations for students and babies”

  1. Marc Duval

    Bravo Anne-Marie et toute l’équipe pour cette excellente activité annuelle. Bonne chance et venez nous voir au comptoir des queux de castor et tire sur neige.

  2. Danielle Delorme

    Excellente initiative!
    Pouvez-vous svp nous donner une liste d’items qui sont les plus recherchés.

  3. Chris Hynes

    Bonjour Danielle!

    Les aliments qui sont les plus recherchés sont:

    - des céréales
    - des fruits et des légumes en cannettes
    - de la beurre d’arachide
    - du thon

    Nous avons également besoin des produits d’hygiène comme le dentifrice, des brosses à dents, le savon, le shampoing, ainsi que les tampons et les serviettes hygiéniques.
    Bien que nous apprécions tous les dons, nous cherchons des articles sains qui ne sont pas expirés.

    Merci d’avance!

  4. Mashruba

    I just wonder what time you guys will be outside of TBT hall on the 22nd. I have some donations and can’t carry all over since it’s very heavy for me to carry. Also, I don’t have ride, I’ve to be there by bus. I will appreciate if you send me the timetable for the collection in my e-mail.




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